Welcome to the official website of the Arkansas Online Chess Association. The AOCA, founded on July 21, 2019, is a completely virtual, online organization devoted to the promotion of online chess for chess players in the State of Arkansas. We are not a USCF affiliate, nor are we affiliated with the Arkansas Chess Association. All AOCA tournaments and events take place on the online chess server Chess.com (click on the link to go directly to our club page).

You can become a member of the AOCA! All you have to do is go to the link above and apply for membership. Once you do, your membership request will be processed by AOCA and you will receive your membership. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • The ability to participate in all AOCA official tournaments, (note: to play in the Arkansas Online Championship, you must be a current resident of the State of Arkansas as well as a member of AOCA).
  • Networking with other online chess players in the state of Arkansas.
  • News and updates about special online chess events throughout the year sponsored and directed by AOCA.

The AOCA will sponsor and direct the following online-exclusive tournaments each year:

  • The Arkansas Online Championship (must be a current resident of the State of Arkansas to play)
  • The Arkansas Online Open
  • The Arkansas Online Blitz Championship
  • The Arkansas Online Bullet Championship
  • The Arkansas Online Rapid Championship

Other regular online chess tournaments and events will be announced throughout the year as well.

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